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Osho Rajneesh Youtube Documentary Hindi to English Translation Part 4

True Way of Life: Osho Rajneesh Youtube Documentary Hindi to English Translation Part 4

Friday, December 16, 2011

Osho Rajneesh Youtube Documentary Hindi to English Translation Part 4

[0:00-0:23] The number followers of Osho Rajneesh was slowly increasing. His circle of influence was expanding and the number of followers who were from outside India went rising.

[0:30-0:42] Between all this, Osho was hammering old traditions and cultures through his discourses. Some people got attracted towards him through his talks but some felt shocked.

[0:51-0:57] He criticized institutionalized religions in a straight forward way.

[0:57-1:04] He dug the roots of traditional religions and showed to the people that they have nothing on the name of nutrition.

[1:10-1:35] I am critic of religious epics. I support those people who had the same experience as me but I do not support them because books talk about them. I have experienced the same thing but if the epics are in their favour too then I cannot do more than just appreciating the epics that they are right in this regard.

[1:38-2:10] In the month of June in 1970, Osho Rajneesh left his village and came to Mumbai. This is the same woodland tower at pedder road where he bought four bedroom flat on the first floor. He came to Mumbai on the special mission. He created Yuva Kranti Dal (Young Revolutionary Group) in Mumbai. The motive of this group was to create awareness among youth. He also started culture of taking retirement from traditional life style.

[2:15-2:30] Osho made compulsory to wear orange colored clothes for his followers including a locket having picture of Osho. His followers were also given different names and they were called with this new given name.

[2:47-2:53] Fifteen to twenty thousand people used to come in cross maidan in Mumbai to listen to Osho.

[2:57-3:43] Humans have an inner ability to be Buddha. They have come from animal's world but they have brought song of Buddhas. They are to sing this song. Only then, these sufferings and worries will end. We are in this world but we are not from this world. We have to move further. We are continuously being called to move to that other world. How many times will you ignore this? How many times will you keep showing your back?

[4:09-4:25] The number of followers of Bhagwan Rajneesh was increasing but the Mumbai flat was too small for this. Hence, In 1974, Osho decided with his followers to move to Pune.

[4:37-5:04] This is the same Koregaon Park in Pune where Osho's first ashram came into existence. Today, it is known as Osho International which is a meditation resort. People started coming here from all over the world in search of peace. In this meditation resort, meditation was done everyday at 6 am and then at 8 pm Osho himself used to give his discourses for ninety minutes.

[5:10-5:55] The number of followers was increasing. Then, it was like a flood of people from all over the world. People were just getting attracted towards him. People from different parts of the world were living in harmony. There was no altercation at all. The main point is everybody was surrendered to The Master Osho.

[6:02-6:38] Two-three days ago, Saint Lajashankar asked me a question that why do I call this place an ashram. As, there is nothing you can see like an ashram here. There is no temple, no prayer and no scripture is being read. I would say that I call it an ashram because people just understands the language of ashram. I can truly call this place a tavern but he would have then faced difficulty visiting this place.

[6:39-7:25] It was end of 1970's decade. Osho had crossed age of forty. He had white beard now. His eyes were so sparkling and silent. His voice was still magical to attract anybody. Anybody could get attracted towards such a magnetic personality. In this Pune meditation resort, number of people went increasing. People were coming from all the parts of the world to learn meditation. The resort started appearing smaller as comparing to the number of people. It was the time for Osho Rajneesh to move from India to foreign country.

[7:35-8:11] His followers bought 64,000 acres of land in USA for commune. Osho used to talk about such a commune where we can hope to nourish life in a brilliant way, where humans can show their full potential. So, 64,000 acres should be bigger than a normal city? Yes, three times the size of San Francisco. It was 126 square miles.

[8:15-9:25] Finally, Osho decided to build an ashram in USA. His followers bought 126 square miles of land in barren hilly area in Oregon. Osho left India and reached USA in 1980. Followers were working hard day and night to convert this barren land into a paradise. Oregon valley was now thundering with the sounds of dynamites. It was being converted into a paradise. This barren land turned into green valleys. It took four years to build this project. Rajneeshpuram was the name given to this paradise. Such a paradise in which Osho had private jets, airport and brigade of rolls royce cars.



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